Monday, July 12, 2010

getting worse

bailey has hit bottom - we now have henna tats - and hers is on her back, so had to walk home with bikini only...we'd b homeless nudists in a few days. thankfully our flight home is in the am!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

bailey gave up

b gave up washing, matching and caring today. shopped all morning, b discovered the danger in walking sweaty all day with skirt on, bought shorts.
private snorkel adventure, dolphin watch with chick for boat captain - sweet! so many dolphins, we were laughing watching them 'play' - then discovered it was some gang rape type activity - not cute anymore. motored over to small boat wreckage, tried snorkeling...what a struggle, b finally got in water when i took underwater pic of her butt - threatened to put on myspace if she didn't at least get in. i tried snorkeling right around boat with captain - but then i saw it - looked like nurse shark swimming just below me in opposite direction...could not get to boat fast enough. then it just wasn't much fun after that - even after captain chick told me it was tarpon - couldn't forget shark week.
oh - B was jumping around on duval street with her swim suit on - got honk - for the boobs bouncing? not sure about that - but we are extremely excited ?!so sleepy

day 2

I think we walked 10 miles yesterday - my eyes didn't open until 7am, and i didn't get up until 8 - normally eyes open at 430! On the way shopping - souveniers and hats for our snorkel adventure this afternoon! finally b is up and getting ready!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

freaks come out at night

wow - saturday night key west - lots of bars, drinking, street artisans. we saw a dog eat bubbles - what? - emmett has been doing that for years~
we saw hairless cat, b could have made her pic holding it for $10 - whatever, we can photoshop in rabid cat later.
had caricature made of us - can really see i went mad wrong with this haircut - thankfully grows fast! love caricatures - b should - he gave her boobs in the drawing!


We just met Thor - i had way bigger expections - didn't think he'd be fat and 70!
yeah - happy hour with our new mexican family at the big house - i mean hotel...will try to watch b to make sure she doesn't sneak a drink. i wonder if there will be tequila?
b forgot deodorant - really - how can you neglect the pits? poor pits...

here kitty kitty - dang cat got in the room - had to lure it out w/ blue pompom...just so happened to have one with me. hope bailey doesn't have the cat scratch fever.
alert! airport security is so lax! i managed to get by with 'undeclared' perfume and hair products - eek - could have been strip searched...will try again tuesday.